Prof. Dr. Marcos Ennes Barreto
Team leader.
Working on probabilistic data linkage, machine & deep learning for predictive analytics, data visualisation, cloud robotics & ontologies.
Dr. Robespierre Dantas da Rocha Pita
Associate Researcher (CIDACS).
Machine learning models for categorical data, data linkage and accuracy assessment.
MSc. Juracy Bertoldo Santos Junior
Research assistant (UFBA).
Forecasting models for malaria epidemics.
BSc. João Gondim
Assistant Researcher (UFBA).
Data engineering models supporting Nurturing Care performance indices.

Clicia dos Santos Pinto
PhD candidate (PGCOMP, 2015-2019).
Partitioning and auto-tuning models applied to data linkage over multi-GPU architectures.
Everton Mendonça de Jesus
PhD student (PGCOMP, 2017-2021).
Risk prediction models applied to Brazilian electronic health records.
Julio Oliveira da Silva
PhD student (PGCOMP, 2019-2023).
Quantum machine learning applied to Bioinformatics.
Alberto Pietro Sironi
PhD student (PGCOMP, 2019-2023). FINATEC scholarship.
Models and tools for a real-time malaria alert system.
Mirlei Moura da Silva
PhD student (PGCOMP, 2019-2023).
Clustering models for multivariate temporal series and non-temporal data.
Tiago Fernandes Machado
PhD student (PGCOMP, 2020-2024).
AI models for prediction of chronic kidney disease (CKD).
Patrick Silva Ferraz
Master student (PGCOMP, 2019-2020).
Association analysis of climate and health care data.
Andrea Jesus dos Santos
Master student (PGCOMP, 2020-2021).
Transfer learning applied to healthcare data (TBD).
Daniela Santos Almeida
Master student (PGCOMP, 2020-2021).
Natural language processing applied to healthcare data (TBD).
Murilo Guerreiro Arouca
Master student (PGCOMP, 2020-2021).
Risk perception models.


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Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA) - Campus Ondina
Instituto de Matemática e Estatística (IME)
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