• AtyImo - Probabilistic record linkage for massive administrative datasets.
  • AtyImo implements data preprocessing (harmonization, cleaning, blocking and anonymization), determinitisc and probabilistic record linkage and machine learning-based accuracy assessment. It runs over Spark or hybrid parallel architectures (OpenMP + CUDA).
  • Download:
  • Related publications: go to Publications page and search for 'linkage' or 'data integration' to see our publications on this topic.
  • CIDACS-RL - Indexing search and scoring-based record linkage system.
  • CIDACS-RL is a novel iterative deterministic record linkage algorithm based on a combination of indexing search and scoring algorithms (provided by Apache Lucene).
  • Download:

Data visualization tool
  • COVID-19 - Mathematical modeling and data visualization.
  • Partnership among CIDACS (FIOCRUZ) and UFBA to aggregate data, design prediction models and a visual mining dashboard related to COVID-19 in Brazil.
  • Access: here.

  • IMAPI - Early Childhood Development Friendly Index.
  • Partnership among University of Brasília, UFBA and Yale to build a performance index based on the five domains of the Nurturing Care Framework to all the 5,570 Brazilian municipalities.
  • See our videos: video 1 / video 2.
  • Website (including access to IMAPI dataset)
  • Visual mining dashboard

  • Visual mining and predictive analysis of malaria data.
  • This tool allows for descriptive and some predictive analysis over the National Database of Malaria Episodes.
  • Aggregated data from SIVEP (malaria surveillance data from the Amazonian region), SINAN-Malaria (malaria surveillance data from extra-Amazonian region), SIM (mortality data), climate data and Vetores-Malaria (vector control data).
  • Access: temporarily hosted here.
  • Related publications: CLOSER 2019, MEDTROP 2018, IPDLN 2018, SINAPE 2018

  • IEEE Standard 1872-2015.
  • A core ontology that specifies the main, most general concepts, relations, and axioms of robotics and automation (R&A) is defined in this standard, which is intended as a reference for knowledge representation and reasoning in robots, as well as a formal reference vocabulary for communicating knowledge about R&A between robots and humans. This standard is composed of a core ontology about R&A, called CORA, together with other ontologies that give support to CORA.
  • Download: standard document , CORA implementation
  • Related publications: the main publication about CORA ontology .
    Go to Publications page and search for 'ontology' or 'robotic' to see our publications on this topic.

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